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What to visit in Menorca

Let's discover what the beautiful island of Menorca offers us, its numerous coves and beaches will make you believe that you are not in the Mediterranean! Unlike the neighboring islands, Menorca is not at all overcrowded and there is an atmosphere of tranquility and authenticity. This island not only has beach and cove tourism, it also has an important historical heritage and cultural wealth.

Cala de Menorca

The places you cannot miss if you travel to Menorca

Es Canutell cove: A cove that goes unnoticed by tourists, although it is very quiet and familiar. Nearby we can find the town of Binibeca, a charming small town of white houses that offers unbeatable views. 

Binibeca Menorca

If you like cultural tourism and history, Villacarlos It is the ideal town for you. It has a lot of history and heritage! In addition, it also has a port with a lively atmosphere. This wonderful town preserves walls, towers and castles from the period of British rule.

Mahon It is the capital of Menorca. It is where the main port of the island is located, and has an airport on the outskirts. It is a city full of life and very lively, at all hours you can enjoy a great atmosphere and visit its urban center, which is charming. In the city center it is essential that you visit the beautiful façade of the town hall, one of the old entrances to the city, called the Sant Roc bastion and the church of Santa María. If you want to do cultural tourism, you can also visit the Menorca museum where authentic relics are found.

Remember that just 20 minutes by car from Mahón is the Nelva Resort hotel, where you can enjoy the best possible stay during your vacation. For more information click here.

Port Menorca

If you like mysterious constructions, in Menorca you will find the talayots. They are large constructions that rise several meters from the ground. It is still not clear what its function was and it is one of the great mysteries of the island. If this topic interests you, I recommend you do the talayotic route of Menorca, where you will see all these great monuments.

The church of Santa Eulalia It is another place worth visiting. This church is located in a beautiful town called Alayor, and there is an air raid shelter from the civil war, hidden at the bottom.

The Cova dels Coloms, It is an immense cave three hundred meters long and large in size that will make you enjoy a beautiful natural landscape. If you like adventure, I recommend that you investigate the interior of the cave, where there are places that you can even dive!

The Cova dels Coloms

If what you want is to swim and discover the best coves, then we are going to name the ones that are most worth visiting!

Cala Mitjana and Cala Mitjaneta: Two coves that are characterized by their white sand and turquoise, transparent waters. They are some of the most famous coves on the island.

Cala Galdana: A very long beach, similar to a giant swimming pool. It is perfect for family tourism and you can surely spend a good afternoon there.

Cala Macarella and Cala Macaralleta: They are surely the most famous coves on the island. They are surrounded by a beautiful pine forest. These two coves have unique blue water and fine white sand that makes them look like Caribbean beaches.

Cala Es Turqueta and Cala Es Taialer: They are two very similar coves, made of rocks and super transparent water. They are right next to the magnificent beaches of Bellavista and D'es Banyul.

Porter Creek: It is one of the most visited beaches in Menorca. Being sheltered by cliffs makes it the perfect place for children. A paradise to rest and eat in tranquility. If you want to enjoy typical Mediterranean tapas, we recommend that you stop by the Bar-Restaurant of the Hotel Nelva Resort, just 2 minutes by car! For more information click here.

Porter Creek

Other Places in Menorca that will leave you speechless 

Cape Arthur It is located at the southern and western ends of the island. In this place, the Son Xuriger beach stands out, where right on the headland there is a large lighthouse. It is seventeen meters high and is considered historical heritage of the island. In addition, this site is one of the best to see the unique sunset that Menorca has.

If what you are looking for is a little-known place, but at the same time very curious, it is recommended that you visit Lithica. It is a quarry where stone was extracted until the mid-90s. Currently, it stands out for its landscapes and the natural gardens that have been formed over time, due to the abandonment of the quarry.

Ciutadella It is probably the most beautiful city in Menorca, and it is one of those cities that you cannot miss. In it we find its medieval historic center with a lot of charm, surrounded by very beautiful streets and houses that have a charming port next to it.

Ciutadella Menorca

Within Ciutadella you have to visit the following places if you want to know the history of this beautiful city: Calle de Ses Voltes, Plaza del Borne (where the Sant Joan festival is celebrated), the city hall, the old walls of the city and of course the cathedral of Menorca.

We are still close to Ciutadella, where we can find the Pont d'en Gil. A natural rock bridge where you can see the most impressive landscapes of the island. We can also watch the sunset, it is worth seeing!

At the northern tip of the Island we find another lighthouse called Punta Nati, which has an enviable location, very close to the sea. A 19 meter high tower, with a fantastic landscape and large cliffs.

Punta Nati

The coves and beaches of the North of the Island of Menorca

Cala Morell: A cove with crystal clear waters that also has some caves that were inhabited a long time ago.

Other beautiful coves and beaches worth highlighting in the area are: Cala Fontanellas, Cala del Garines, Cala Mica, Playa des Bot and Playa de Cavalleria.

The Binimel-la beach It is one of the best beaches in the north, wide and with reddish sand in a spectacular location.

The North of the island is not overcrowded and is a place that you have to visit if you are a nature lover.

North of Menorca

We have summarized the places that are most attractive on the island. If you travel to Menorca this year, you are sure to fall in love and want to repeat. If you are looking for a stay in Menorca, do not hesitate to book in the apartments of Nelva Resort.

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