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What to see in Binibeca

Binibeca is a fishing village Located fifty kilometres from Ciutadella and ten kilometres from Mahón, it is one of the most important sites more beautiful and most touristy places on the island! Its labyrinthine narrow streets and pretty white houses make it a village not to be missed if you travel to Menorca. From Nelva Resortwe present this blog explaining what to see in Binibeca.

Binibeca, Menorca
  • A village that looks like something out of a picture postcard

Enchantment is the best word to describe Binibeca, and what else would you call a place like Binibeca? village of small white houseswith balconies and wooden shutters, accompanied by a lot of narrow streets and alleys in the form of a labyrinth? It is a perfect place to lose yourself for a while and photograph.

Binibeca Village, Menorca

In the middle of the village we can find a small church hidden between the houses, and the Candi Housethe first house built in the 1970s.

Binibeca Church, Menorca
Casa Candi Binibeca, Menorca
  • The best beaches and coves of Binibeca

Apart from getting lost and exploring the labyrinthine village, we can also enjoy a nice day out at the beach! The beach of Binibeca has crystal clear water, fine sand and it is surrounded by a pine forest. The ideal place to rest and sunbathe after a stroll through the village. We can also visit some of its covessuch as the Biniancolla cove or the Torret cove.

Beaches in Binibeca

These are the main charms of Binibeca. But we cannot forget that this is just one of the many places worth visiting if you are on holiday in Minorca. If you need more information about other points of interest, at the Nelva Resort hotel we can help you! All you have to do is click here.

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