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What to see in Ciutadella

In the western part of Minorca we can find Ciutadella, the second largest city on the island. A beauty that you are bound to discover if you travel to Menorca this summer. From the aparthotel Nelva Resort, we recommend what to see in Ciutadella.

What to see in Ciutadella

The history of Ciutadella

This port city has a great history! You can get lost walking through its medieval streets where you can visit its palaces, church and fortress that surrounds the port. It also has historical monuments from 2000 BC. c. All this makes Ciutadella not only a beautiful city, but also a Outdoor museum.

Ciutadella Menorca

Places you have to visit to discover Ciutadella

In the old part of the city we can find the most striking places to visit. A good start can be in the Place des Born, a wonderful square with a large obelisk in the middle, commemorating the grandiose defense of the city against the attack of the Turks in 1558. It is also in this square where the typical Sant Joan festival, the 24th of June. 

Place des Born

Not far away we can find other small gems, such as the Ciutadella town hall, the Palau Salort, the Sant Nicolau castle and the Santa María cathedral, the most important Gothic building on the entire island. 

ciutadella cathedral
  • The port of Ciutadella

We cannot say that we have visited the city if we do not pass through the port, he gastronomic and leisure focus most important in Ciutadella. And if atmospheric conditions allow it, and only during the summer, we will be able to see the rissaga. It's about a natural phenomenon in which the sea oscillates abruptly in a short time, causing the level of the ships to rise suddenly. Luckily, the port has a dike to prevent flooding and damage.

port of ciutadella

Without a doubt, Ciutadella offers a large number of places to visit. And in it you will not only discover its history, you will also enjoy the magnificent atmosphere that exists in the city, especially at night. It is romantic, clean, pleasant, flirtatious... it is well worth walking through its streets and meeting its people! 

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